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Homegrown Praise seeks submissions of original music for live radio, CD album sales, music archives, concerts and events, along with worship exhcange

Do you sense that God is birthing a desire for unity in prayer, praise and worship into churches and believers in this community? If so, you are not alone. The Lord has given fellow believers (including the editors of Good News, Etc.) a vision for unity in the Body of Christ and evangelistic outreach using original praise and worship. We're calling it Homegrown Praise, which begins accepting music submissions this month.

The purpose is to provide a platform for local Christian churches, their songwriters and worship members to minister original music across denominational barriers, using live radio, original CD album assembly and distribution, music archives, concerts, events and worship exchange. The concept of Homegrown Praise has been brewing for a couple decades and was further inspired by the unity experienced through the local Billy Graham Mission San Diego, the National Day of Prayer, Homegrown San Diego in the 70’s, and other venues.

How Homegrown Praise will work.

Submissions will be received for original praise and worship songs from local musicians, through their churches. Songs that meet certain content and production criteria will be placed on the Website. Submissions will be received for one of five categories: worship, contemporary praise and thanksgiving, youth praise and thanksgiving, evangelism, and warfare worship. Submission fees will be $100 for up to three songs submitted and $150 for up to five songs submitted. This music will be voted on by visitors as part of a selection process to be included in our periodic Homegrown Praise CD releases. Besides the CD, submissions may receive air play on our Homegrown Praise weekly “top 40” radio program, to be broadcast from What’s more, for musicians wishing to minister their original music under the Homegrown Praise banner through interdenominational concerts, worship exchanges and other venues, training about what the bible teaches on praise and worship, will be required. We are doing this to assure denominational sensitivity as well as to provide a united heart and vision. Class fees will be covered as part of the submission amount. Besides the CD distribution, individual songs will be sold from the Website. Income derived from these sales will be used to support Homegrown Praise and local charities. A portion of the proceeds will also go back to the artists.

Unity: The question of the hour.

Just how will God bring a heartfelt and sustained unity out of such diversity of expression and differences in doctrinal interpretations seen within today's Christian faith? God's word tells us that this level of intimate union within the Body of Christ will occur and that it will be an important key in drawing the unbelievers to the Lord (John 17).

The originators of Homegrown Praise are confident that what may start out as tolerance between Christian denominations, God will transform, through the power of united praise and worship, into an interdependence and harmony to make San Diego, and the world, take notice.

Soon, it is hoped that we will come to understand that God's plans must include sincere fellow believers who are on the other side of our own Christian doctrines and preferences. The Lord Jesus Christ will build His Church. We must simply be intent on quick obedience to God, with hearts committed to equity with one another.

Every facet of the Homegrown Praise plan embraces God's heart cry for unity, rather than man's tendency for separation. The entire administration of the vision, as well as all instruction on biblical worship and praise that flow from it, will have the singular intent to bring together, rather than to pull apart. Scripture tells us that the "Church" is a great mystery. We’re requiring that every Homegrown Praise participant be willing to play an active role as God blends together a multi-faceted, diverse, yet unified Church.

Taking action.

A Website has been created at (some of it is still under construction) to provide greater details and to accept original song submissions. If what you've read speaks to your heart, join with Homegrown Praise as we seek to display Christian unity through praise and worship, thus impacting our community as never before. We welcome your visit to, or you may call (858) 565 9009 to arrange a meeting with your church.

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